API : /sequence/:id/metadata

Important Points :

  • Servers may or may not support other encoding but must support application/vnd.ga4gh.refget.v1.0.0+json.
  • Accept header in the requests is optional, if not given default is application/vnd.ga4gh.refget.v1.0.0+json but response MUST have a Content-type: application/vnd.ga4gh.refget.v1.0.0+json header
  • This API will return all known names for an identifier and related metadata.
  • The server MAY return the query identifier in the list of identifiers.

Success Conditions

Case 1
Identifier can be MD5 or truncated SHA512 (if supported by the server) or any alias for the sequence, supported by the server.

GET  /sequence/3332ed720ac7eaa9b3655c06f6b9e196/metadata/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.ga4gh.refget.v1.0.0+json

    "metadata" : {
        "md5" : "3332ed720ac7eaa9b3655c06f6b9e196",
        "trunc512" : "2085c82d80500a91dd0b8aa9237b0e43f1c07809bd6e6785",
        "length" : 5384,
        "aliases" : [


Array under aliases key will contain objects of aliases in the form given below with an example

"aliases" : [
        "alias": "CH003448.1",
        "naming_authority" : "INSDC"
        "alias": "chr1",
        "naming_authority" : "UCSC"


Error Conditions

Case 1
ID not found When ID provided in the request doesn't match any of the checksums of any sequence or alias supported by the server, server throws a 404 Not Found error

GET /sequence/some1111garbage11111id/metadata/
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Case 2

Unsupported media type by the server When media type requested by the client in the Accept header is not supported by the server, server throws a 406 Not Acceptable error

GET /sequence/3332ed720ac7eaa9b3655c06f6b9e196/metadata/
Accept : text/exotic-encoding
HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable