The refget compliance tool generates a detailed compliance report on the server using interdependent test cases on command line interface. It can generate a compliance matrix on a html page and a json file for machine readability and extensibility.

Getting Started


Installation is a simple three step process.

git clone
cd refget-compliance-suite
python sdist bdist_wininst upload

First test report

refget-compliance report -s http://localhost:5000/

Note : prefixing with 'http://' or 'https://' (as per the server) and trailing slash '/' is important

Multiple servers can be tested at once by providing multiple --server or -s arguments

refget-compliance report -s http://localhost:5000/ -s http://localhost:6000 - http://localhost:7000


-s | --server

Required argument specifying server to be tested and for report to be generated. Can be multiple but must be atleast one.

-fpn | --file_path_name

Optional argument to specify the path of tar.gz file to be stored. Path should be of the format path/to/file/file_name.tar.gz. By default it'll get stored by the name web_.tar.gz eg web_0.tar.gz, web_1.tar.gz etc.

--json | --json_path

Optional argument to specify the path for the JSON results to be written to. Set to - to write to standard out.


Optional flag to spin up a local server showing reports on web browser

Sample Reports

Text Report

Alt text

Compliance Matrix

Alt text

JSON Report

Alt text