There are three sequences used in the compliance documentation for sample queries and in the compliance test suite for API testing

  • NC_001422.1 Enterobacteria phage phiX174 sensu lato
    fasta sequnce
    Circular genome
    Size : 5386
    MD5 : 3332ed720ac7eaa9b3655c06f6b9e196
    Tuncated SHA512 : 2085c82d80500a91dd0b8aa9237b0e43f1c07809bd6e6785

  • I Saccharomyces_cerevisiae chromosome:R64-1-1:I:1:230218:1
    fasta sequence
    Linear chromosome
    Size : 230218
    MD5 : 6681ac2f62509cfc220d78751b8dc524
    Tuncated SHA512 : 959cb1883fc1ca9ae1394ceb475a356ead1ecceff5824ae7

  • VI Saccharomyces_cerevisiae chromosome:R64-1-1:VI:1:270161:1
    fasta sequence
    Linear chromosome
    Size : 270161
    MD5 : b7ebc601f9a7df2e1ec5863deeae88a3
    Tuncated SHA512 : cfea89816a1a711055efbcdc32064df44feeb6b773990b07

Checksums will be used as identifiers in sequence retrieval and metadata retrieval APIs. There are currently two checksum algorithms in use:

  • MD5
  • Truncated SHA512

Implementation details of these algorithms are given in API specification doc here.

Server MUST implement MD5 while truncated SHA512 is optional